Our menu:

Remembering the words of Van Gogh that “The hardest thing is to be simple” and as a true adherent of the ideas of the great Bocuse, the focus in Columbus is the freshness and seasonality of products, from which they create dishes that are complex in appearance, but rather simple in composition. “The peculiarity of the Columbus cuisine is to prepare understandable food from simple, fresh and high-quality products. We like it when a dish is laconic, but you can find in it an infinitely rich bouquet of tastes, aromas and get aesthetic pleasure, even just looking at it. "

The basis of the Columbus fish-club menu is fish and seafood, but the menu changes from season to season: meat, grilled dishes, cold and hot snacks, desserts join the fish. The same can be said about the belonging of the restaurant's cuisine to any territory or country. Yes, this is mainly seafood, but the sea takes up most of the planet, and the chef has a huge field for activity, quite stylishly mixing Mediterranean, Japanese, Thai, Scandinavian dishes in one menu.

In our restaurant we love to surprise, and this requires experimentation. Our cuisine is primarily about individuality and creativity. True masters of author's cuisine, if they create according to a recipe, then with their own technique, with their own peculiarity to mix products, with their own style of serving dishes. Columbus fisj-club creates dishes that cannot be tasted anywhere else.